Dr. DeLuca Breast Augmentation Before and After > Breast Augmentation (A-Cup to Small C-Cup)

This set of breast augmentation before and after photos features a 29 year old mother of 2 (5'6", 120lbs) from Kingston, NY who always had small breasts, but lost even more volume following her 2 pregnancies. Her bra size at the time of consultation was 34A and she wished to be a small C-cup after surgery. She also presented with a short nipple-to-inframammary fold distance which needed to be address in order to obtain the most ideal nipple position possible. We achieved her goals by way of a submuscular breast augmentation utilizing 350cc Moderate-Plus profile smooth silicone breast implants (Mentor MemoryGel). Her inframammary crease was also very gently lowered to allow for proper positioning of the prostheses. Photos taken just 2 months later show her breasts to be settling in nicely. Her bra size is now a 34C and her new breasts match the proportions of her body beautifully. Cloths fit more easily and she is extremely happy to finally have the breasts she always wanted.