Dr. DeLuca Breast Augmentation Before and After > Breast Augmentation (350cc Saline)

This set of breast augmentation before and after photos features a 20 year old white female. She is 5’ 1” 105 lbs and in good health. She had no previous surgery and has long thought about breast augmentation since the age of 14. Her bra size is a 32 A without ptosis. She wished to be in that mid C range. Her base width was only 12.5 cm. Due to her age a saline implant was required. In order to achieve her desired result she underwent bilateral subpectoral augmentation utilizing a 325 cc moderate plus smooth saline implant that was filled to 350 cc bilaterally. Her postop course was without complication and she was back to most activities within a few weeks. Four months later she has healed nicely. The breast have settled and look very natural for her small frame. She is quite pleased with her result.