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This set of breast augmentation before and after photos features a 30 year old mother of two (5'5", 135lbs) from Albany NY who lost significant breast volume after breast feeding. Her bra size was 34A at the time of her consultation and her concerns centered on how her deflated breasts gave her very little shape in and out of clothing. After discussing all options, the patient decided to undergo dual plan breast augmentation mammoplasty utilizing 375cc smooth silicone Moderate+ implants (Mentor). Photos taken 3 months after surgery show a completely healed patient. Her breasts are symmetric, perky, completely natural in appearance and the shape they add to her figure is, aesthetically speaking, ideal. The decision to go with 375cc implants over 350cc proved to be the correct one as the patient has mentioned that she's 'in love' with her large-C-small-D fullness (her bra size will eventually settle into a large and beautifully proportioned 34C/D). Suffice to say, the patient is very happy with her result and so am I.