Dr. DeLuca Botox and Fillers Before and After > Sculptra for Cheeks, Juvederm for Lips

This set of injectables before and after photos features a 34 year old women (5'3", 105lbs) who for many years has felt she lacks volume in many areas of her face. Examination did confirm hollowing both in the periorbital tear trough area as well as in the submalar region of the cheeks. She also felt that her lips were not as full as she desired. In order to correct her concerns she underwent Sculptra injection into the malar and submalar area of the cheek (1 diluted vile per side). She also had .5cc of Juvederm injected into the upper lip, .3cc of Juvederm into the lower lip and a small amount of .2cc to both medial tear trough areas of the lower eyelid region. Post injection she did quite well with only a small amount of transition bruising and swelling. Photos taken 6 months later after only 1 Sculptra treatment show a much fuller and more youthful face. She has a smooth transition from the lower eyelid to the cheek without hollowing and the lower cheek region is much less sunken. The lips are fuller without appearing injected. There is an overall softening to the facial appearance. As with all Sculptra injections (and unlike "instant" fillers like Juvederm and/or Radiesse), the results took several months to become apparent.