Dr. Tauber Before and After > Face and Neck Lift with Lower Lid Blepharoplasty

This is a 59 year old woman with a history of weight loss and facial aging with concerns about her lower face and neck. Specifically she was unhappy about the jowl formation, neck laxity, and lower lid skin excess. On exam, her lower face demonstrated both skin laxity and soft tissue descent of the lower face and neck with the formation of prominent platysmal bands. Her lower lids demonstrated a mild excess of skin without excess fat. She underwent a lower face and neck lift with playsmal plication and lower lid pinch blepharoplasty. She did very well after surgery with minimal bruising and swelling. At 1 month after surgery, her bruising and swelling are nearly resolved. She has a nice correction of her jowling and neck laxity and an improvement in her neck contour. In addition, her eyes look refreshed.