Dr. DeLuca Breast Lift & Augment Before and After > Vertical Breast Lift + Saline Implants for a 50 Year Old Woman

This set of breast augmentation before and after photos features a 51 year old (5'3", 117lbs) mother of 3 from Clifton Park, NY who had been concerned about the sagging and deflated look of her breasts since she first took notice of these changes, which was a short time after the birth of her 1st child. She presented with significant ptosis (droop) of both breasts and from our discussions, it became clear that she had 2 specific surgery goals: first, she wanted her breasts lifted to their pre-pregnancy position and second, she wanted cleavage (upper pole fullness), but not by increasing the relative size of her breasts (which is how many surgeons/patients achieve more fullness in the upper pole). I accomplished these goals by combining a small submuscular breast augmentation utilizing 200cc Moderate Profile Saline implants with a vertical mastopexy and inferior reduction of 60 grams on either side. This moved the breast fullness to above the nipple areolar complex and diminished the amount of excess skin tissue below - creating a more aesthetically pleasing tear-drop shape and silhouette. Photos taken only 2 months later show that she is well on her way to an exceptional result. She is healing wonderfully, her breasts look completely natural in appearance from every angle and the scars are blending in at a faster-than-normal rate. Her bra size is still a 34C, but she no longer requires one to create the impression of a perky, full and ample carriage. The patient is very pleased with the result of her surgery and the decision to have me perform it, which her thank-you note (copied below and shared with permission) confers:

"Dr. DeLuca has changed my life. I now have the confidence and self esteem that I lacked for so many years. As soon as I walked into his office I felt completely comfortable. Dr. Deluca listened to all of my concerns and answered all of my questions without rushing me through any part of the consultation. Choosing Dr. DeLuca was the best decision I've ever made. Gloria and his staff were so helpful throughout the entire process. Case in point: I once called the office before hours a few days after my procedure because I was being a nervous nilly about something... they called me right back and answered all of my questions, putting me instantly at ease. Dr. DeLuca is not only an amazing surgeon but a caring man and a true artist. I can recommend him enough. Thank You Dr. DeLuca for everything."