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This set of breast augmentation before and after photos features a very petite 28 year old mother of two (5'0" , 100lb.) from Kingston, NY who breast fed both children for an extended period of time. This left her with deflated breasts that had very little superior volume (top half of breast) and significant ptosis (droop/sag). Her pre-op bra size was a 34B/C and she wished to be a firm and full 34C after augmentation. In order to achieve her desired result, she underwent augmentation mastopexy with 375cc silicone breast implants placed submuscularly. Her post post-operative recovery was uneventful (without complication). Photos taken 6 months after surgery show the completeness of her recovery and the quality of her result. The breasts are full, firm and natural in appearance. They're elegant, yet youthfully full (especially in the upper pole). The scars are settling in nicely and will continue to fade over time. Suffice to say, the patient is pleased with her result and decision to undergo a breast life & augmentation.